Saudi Arabia's FII Selects CommUnique As their ESG Communications Advisors Ahead of launching the world's first Emerging Markets ESG Ranking Tool

December 19, 2023

CommUnique is excited to announce the official launch of the Inclusive ESG Toolkit, a revolutionary initiative funded by the FII Institute. Selected as the FII team’s ESG Communications advisor, CommUnique takes pride in unveiling the Inclusive ESG Tool, a first-of-its-kind Ranking Toolkit aimed at addressing the global need for inclusive and accurate ESG assessments.

Traditional ESG ratings agencies, primarily based in the United States, often exhibit biases rooted in specific regions, leading to an overemphasis on developed markets and neglect of the unique challenges faced by emerging markets. Recognizing this disparity, the Inclusive ESG Tool and its accompanying Inclusive ESG Score have been meticulously developed to empower companies in emerging markets, fostering sustainability improvements and aiding investors in identifying performance leaders.

The Inclusive ESG Tool stands out as a beacon of objective analysis, eliminating biases by evaluating key performance indicators tailored to the conditions of emerging markets in each sector. This approach addresses the critical need for a more nuanced and globally inclusive evaluation framework, aligning with what investors are seeking in their pursuit of sustainable investments.

Emerging Markets, home to 86 percent of the world's population and responsible for 58 percent of global GDP, represent the future's growth engine. However, despite their significance, they receive less than 10 percent of all ESG investment flows. This disparity not only contributes to a staggering annual funding gap of $3.7 trillion (£3 trillion) in low-income companies striving to meet the UN's sustainable development goals but also hinders these markets from accessing the transformative capital necessary to join the global movement toward a sustainable world economy.

The Inclusive ESG Toolkit is poised to bridge this gap by providing a comprehensive and unbiased assessment framework, fostering sustainable practices, and driving transformative capital toward emerging markets. B.Corp is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative, working in tandem with the FII Institute to catalyze positive change in the global ESG landscape.

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About CommUnique:

We help our clients integrate, verify, stress-test, and communicate all aspects related to their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and story so that they attract the right talent, customers, and investors for their business.

About FII Institute

FII Institute started in 2017 as an annual event bringing people together to invest in the most promising solutions. Since then, we’ve become so much more. Funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) it expanded its scope to become a fully-fledged, new generation of global, non-profit foundation with an investment arm and one pressing agenda: positive Impact on Humanity.

Link to their website:


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