ESG Integration, Audit, Validation and Communication Advisory Specialists

We help our clients integrate, verify, stress-test and communicate all aspects related to their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and story, so that they attract the right talent, customers and investors for their business.

Simple as That!
Communique is a team of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Business Model integration and Corporate Communication specialists.
We help you craft and audit an ESG integration and a communication strategy that makes your ESG information relevant, accessible, impactful and engaging for all your stakeholders.  
We help you demonstrate your ESG credentials by crafting employee-driven and employee-facing value propositions 
Given many of our team's background in management consultancy and specialist sectors, we know exactly how to position your ESG collateral and how to make it impactful so that you gain your customers' trust and retention increase significantly.
Our validation and stress-test service is bespoke, just as everything we do is. We don't sell nor provide off-the-shelf advisory support because we understand that each of our clients is unique, has specific challenges, and a different customer and employee profile.
Everything we do is underpinned by research and analysis, and by a wider consideration of all the human and material factors that impact our clients' businesses, be they internal and external.


Are you aware of the (E)nvironmental, (S)ocial, (G)overnance impacts related to your business?
In an ever increasing activism-driven business landscape, are you prepared to respond to the threats to your business in such a way that you not only survive the threat but also ride its wave.
Then you need to have the right ESG business model integration and communication strategy in place.
CommUnique is here to help you do just that!!
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