Gihan Hyde Black, Arab, Female Most Influential 40 over 40 Comms Professional

April 17, 2023

Our founder Gihan A.M Hyde جيهان هايد is the latest guest to join Jeannette Linfoot on her award-winning podcast " The Brave, Bold, Brilliant"

The Brave, Bold, Brilliant podcast is in the top 1.5% of all podcasts in the world, and is listened to in over 97 countries worldwide.​

The podcast explores what it takes to be at the top of your game.

To listen to the episode click in the following links:

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⭐ Youtube:


76% of consumers say they would consider using a repair service (compared with 73% in 2022), 39% are reselling more of their unwanted possessions (compared with 32% in 2022), and 34% are buying more second-hand products this year (compared with 29% in 2022). @Deloitte

If you are a Founder, or a CEO then come join us at this event where you will be walked through how to use #AI in your business… @alltogetherco

I plan to disrupt the #Sustainability ecosystem by making it more diverse and inclusive. I will do so by having 10 personas in one room through our #sustainovate round tables. Thank you @xandwhyspace for sponsoring our Nov event. DM me if you wish to join us #SustainableFuture

I am so proud of what we have acheived as the @CIPR_Global #ESG Panel of exeperts. These skillguides are what you need as #comms prof to communicate such a tricky subject. pleasure to have co-written the #Governance chapter

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