January 12, 2023
CommUnique appointed the official media partner for International Energy Week

We are pleased to announce that CommUnique has been chosen by the Energy Insitute to cover one of th…

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Meet the Equitable Growth Advisory Group for the @BCorpUK movement. Wonder who is part of the group?🤩 I am humbled and excited as the work starts tomorrow. #DEI #ethnicminority #founders

Employers with highly satisfied employees score higher on ESG performance 14%
higher than global average employers. Satisfied employees work harder, stay longer, and
seek to produce better results for the organization. accroding to research #ESGcommunications #employeeengagement

I feel #ESG #reporting is synonymous with a #datingapp where org swipe left/right based on location, complexity (hobbies/mindset), budget (occupation) and template used ( physique), can’t wait for #ISSB to come out in oct to save us from choosing the wrong partner #thursdayvibes

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