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Why ESG? Why today?

It has never been more important for businesses to act responsibly.

More than ever before, those businesses that act responsibly towards the (E)nvironment, (S)ociety, and their own (G)overnance are:

If you’re a forward-thinking business, it’s likely you have already implemented an ESG strategy to take advantage of this continuing trend. But to really be seen as a responsible business in the eyes of your stakeholders — and to really get the most value out of your ESG strategy — it’s essential that you get your communications right.

Communique will help you do this through a simple process.

Creating Your ESG Communications Strategy

Quite simply, we will maximise the value of your ESG strategy by helping you answer the following two questions:

Do you have the right ESG business model in place?

You can’t tell an effective story about all the good things you’re doing, if you’re not actually doing all those good things! So to begin with, we will take a deep dive into your current business strategy and business model to determine whether the environmental, social, and governance aspects of your business are currently strong — and genuine — enough for an ESG communications strategy to work.

What is the most effective way to tell your ESG Story?

Once we’ve established that your ESG credentials are worth shouting about, we will help you figure out exactly how you should be shouting about them! To do this we will:

Work with you to understand your vision.
Identify gaps in your current communications strategy.
Analyze and understand your audience, and what ESG really means to them.
Transform all this complex data and information, and your ESG ambition, into a communications strategy that is relevant, accessible, engaging, and consistent for all your stakeholders.
Place an added emphasis on communicating your ESG credentials internally, so that you can transform your employees into advocates. This way, your employees can also become your customers, and your investors.

Tangible benefits of working with Communique

Gain and Retain the Top Talent:

Modern employees are increasingly gravitating towards employers who share their values. With the data-driven employee value propositions we will create, you can gain and retain the talent you need by clearly conveying how your values align.  Our tailor-made internal communication strategies will then help you convert these employees into life-long advocates for your brand.

More Customers, Loyal Customers:

More customers than ever before are choosing — and staying loyal to — brands they see as having strong ESG credentials. We will deliver a communications strategy that helps you attract lifelong customers from this ever-growing pool.

Become More Attractive to Investors:

As investors continue to value ESG metrics more and more, clearly and effectively communicating your ESG strategy has never been more important. We will help you do just that, making it more likely that investors will choose you, over your competitors.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation:

In a world that is rapidly becoming more environmentally and socially conscious, a strong communications strategy that highlights your ESG credentials can dramatically enhance your brand reputation. We can deliver that strategy.

Increase Your Profits:

Better quality talent means better service, better customer retention, and ultimately business growth. Attracting more customers and consistent, reliable investment, means more money! It’s no wonder modern businesses tend to perform better financially with a solid, well-communicated ESG strategy in place.

Future-Proof Your Business:

If you want your company to survive in the future, there’s no doubt you’ll have to comply with increasingly rigorous environmental regulators. The communities you choose to operate in will also need to be convinced of your ESG credentials. By working with us you’ll be able to report on accurate ESG data that will help strengthen these key relationships moving forward.

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