What We Do

We drive high impact Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategies.
CommUnique helps businesses gain competitive advantage and resilience - by designing and delivering impactful ESG strategies and plans tailored to their sector and goals.
A sustainable, equitable future for businesses, nature and people is still possible. But we must act fast
Why should you pay attention to
More than ever before, those businesses that act responsibly towards the (E)nvironment, (S)ociety, and their own (G)overnance are:
Improving operational efficiency and supply chain resilience.
Attracting more and better customers.
Gaining and retaining the best talent.
Becoming more desirable to investors.
Helping to protect and restore nature, build a fair society and secure a liveable future
If you’re a forward-thinking business, it’s likely you’ve already implemented or considering implementing an ESG strategy to take advantage of this continuing trend.
However, many businesses are:
Unsure how to get started on their ESG journey or find it hard to embed ESG in their organisation’s DNA.
Frustrated that they are not seeing returns on ESG efforts and investment
Concerned about reputational and financial damage if their ESG efforts are deemed greenwashing or “ESG-washing”
How we can help
To be considered by all your stakeholders a responsible business, and to safeguard your reputation and business resilience — it is essential that you integrate and communicate your Environmental and Social Governance correctly.
CommUnique will helps its clients achieve these through a simple four-step process.
Number one
Integrate ESG within your business model to Illuminate priorities, expose risks and opportunities, objectives and visions of success, unearth evidence and foster buy-in
Number two
Design and deliver your internal and external ESG Communication strategy that would highlight the impact you wish to achieve, based on the evidence from the progress made and the commitments you set
Number three
Train and develop your employees to bring them along with you on the ESG journey, and highlight the crucial role they play in bringing your business’ ESG vision to life.
Audit your ESG strategy and communication activities to assess their effectiveness and desired impact


Why should you work with


Future-Proof Your Business
Effectively embedding and communicating your ESG strategy is already essential if you want to drive operational efficiencies and resilience, attract the right customers, employees, and investors today. Tomorrow, it will be even more important!
By working with us, we will arm you with your sector’s ESG trends, regulations, and stakeholder expectations.


Gain and Retain the Top Talent
Modern employees are increasingly gravitating towards employers who share their values and have a positive impact on people and planet. 

With the data-driven employee value propositions we will create, you can gain and retain the talent you need


Attract more Customers, Loyal Customers
1 in 3 customers in the UK stated that they won’t buy a product or a service that is not sustainable hence they are choosing, and staying loyal to brands they see as having strong ESG credentials. 

We will deliver a communications strategy that helps you attract lifelong customers from this ever-growing pool.

If you feel you’re ready to start your ESG journey why not book a call this instant!

You’ve got nothing to lose.

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