How ESG Upskilling will help you Future Proof your Career?

March 16, 2022

In the past two months our founder Gihan Hyde has been invited by several organisations from USA, UK, and Middle East to train their Chief Marketing Officers, Director of Internal Communications, Brand Managers, Communication Managers and HR Managers on Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).

In total she has trained 40 communication professionals on the following

  1. What is ESG?
  2. Why is it important now?
  3. How would you start your ESG reporting process?
  4. How would you read an ESG report and take out the best stories from them?
  5. Which ESG report is best for which industry, company size, and transparency appetite?
  6. How would you communicate ESG to your audience in a way that would win their hearts and minds?

It was such a joy delivering the above and the icing on the cake is the feedback I received from these amazing people. Gihan Hyde

The urgency of ESG is real, and if you are to future proof your career as a communication professional and help future proof your organisation you really need to start thinking seriously about your Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) skills and business model integration.

Here are the themes that came out of the session which Gihan addressed:

The “S” was the participants favourite because it focuses on emotions, relationships, and empathy whereas the “G” and the “E” were their least favourite.

Their most difficult aspect of communicating ESG is starting the process and understanding where to start from? Should they start with the E, S, G?

There was a confusion between ESG Reporting and ESG communication. In my opinion they are different and should be tackled differently because the audience are different and require different messages.

Employees play a key role in bringing your ESG story to life but how do you win their hearts and minds? This was a real worry for the participants.
☝️☝️☝🏾😊 From the above, which one do you relate to the most?

Here are some figures to showcase how urgent it is that you investigate upskilling yourself and your team on the subject:

  1. All listed organisations in USA & UK must now report on their climate impact
  2. More than 56% surveyed in the USA said they won’t support a brand if they can’t see themselves represented in its marketing and communications (Sustainable Brands)
  3. Products with now sustainability claims account for 50% of all growth in FMCG (Sustainable brands)
  4. 84% of investors and Asset Owners are looking into ESG when deciding to invest (Forbes)
  5. 1 in 3 consumers in the UK stated that they won’t buy a product that is not sustainable
  6. 800 CEOs say environmental/climate change is the biggest risk to their growth.
  7. Up to 50.000 large public-interest European companies, as well as all listed companies on EU regulated markets, will be required to report on ESG related factors, as compared to only 11.000 companies under the current NFRD.
  8. ESG disclosures are already mandatory for asset managers and other financial market participants according to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).
  9. As of 1 July 2022, further Level 2 disclosures will be required by the SFRD, comprising a variety of quantitative ESG criteria. 

The above data is a clear indication that we as communciation professionals need to understand what is expected from us as a team to help highlight the ESG work that our organsiations are implementing and protect its reputation from being damanged through "Green Washing"

If you would like to book a training session on the above subjects Get in touch


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In this week’s @FinTech_Futures column I try to show that sometimes what is considered evil aka #crypto can actually be transformed to do good. I also feature @zumopay ‘s head of #sustainability #esg #renewableenergy

What a day it has been 🙌❤️it was a pleasure to deliver the @CIPR_Global 1st #esg #communicationstrategy course to an array of communication professionals from @CouttsandCo @FinastraFS @manbitesdogb2b @VisitRyedale @uk_sport @KHDA @PrincipalityBS #CPD #personaldevelopment

Heads of Comms and Executives from a #bank, #sportsauthority, a #citycouncil, MENA gov Dept, #fintech etc are joining me tomm on @CIPR_Global #ESG #communication #strategy course 🎉LOVING preparing for it and including case studies. it’s NOT late to join

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