How brand truth will bring your ESG and Green story to life

How brand truth will bring your ESG and Green story to life
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I was speaking to Andy Marshall about ESG and how Brands need to reposition themselves effectively if they are tell a strong yet simple ESG story and this is when the idea to co-write this blog came from… Enjoy !!!

ESG is the new Sustainability. It’s what helps organisations measure their commitment and impact on the planet, people, and its Profit.

The “E” for Environmental mainly focuses on how the organisation influences the environment and what it will do to help preserve it. Some of its aspects include a company’s climate impact, its carbon emission.

The “S” for Social investigates the company’s relationships with other businesses and communities. Some of its aspects include how it is treating its clients, its workers and how diverse is its management team and workforce.

The “G” for Governance is concerned with the internal company’s affairs and how it is governed. Some of its aspects include its compliance policy and diverse board members.

ESG is a complex subject and the one of the most powerful ways to unlock it is through the power of your Brand Truths.

What is a Brand Truth?



A fact or belief that is accepted as true.

When this is applied to a Brand, it strikes at the very heart of the Brand personality and what it represents. It’s not only the beliefs that matter, but also the facts. 

A Brand is so much more than look and feel. It’s the ‘Why’ and that is what really counts when telling the ESG story.

But why does this matter? Genuity, trust, and emotional responses are a new set of key values in a world where Brands stand to benefit from their many audiences; including corporate audiences, the shareholders, the people who work there.

For Brands to speak its ESG story with Genuity, they must do so with honesty and integrity. Brands that are honest and speak with integrity are Brands that can be appreciated by everyone. They build trust. 

Brand Truths exist behind every Brand. Honesty counts, because the very best ESG Brand stories enable people to believe that the story they are being told is the Brand’s mission.

To some, the truth can be uncomfortable. Which is why we often must dig deep to discover them. Hidden behind truths, there is always a strong meaning.

New truths for Brands are emerging all the time. A Brand Truth is not always something that is embedded in the past. It can be about the future too. A truth could be about a desire to make a positive difference.

As times are changing, due to climate change, social injustice and decision making, Brands must evolve too. By looking in depth at your Brand Truths you will reveal how to shape your future goals in a way that fits in closely with your values, your Brand culture and ultimately, your proposition.

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