ESG Explained

ESG? What’s that all about then?

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. It is mainly used as a framework for investors to assess the risks associated with investing in a company. However, both knowingly and unknowingly, governments, NGOs, and even customers and employees are also increasingly focusing on ESG factors, as they judge how well a business performs.

As the world continues to become more environmentally and socially conscious, and greater scrutiny is placed on how businesses govern themselves internally, the importance of showcasing strong ESG credentials has never been more important for any business to succeed.

E: Treat the environment with respect.
S: Be socially responsible.
G: Govern transparently, ethically, and diversely.

By implementing a business strategy that genuinely incorporates these three principles, businesses today have been shown to gain and retain more dedicated and talented employees, attract more loyal customers, and have become more attractive to investors.

Generally, businesses with an ESG focus these days perform better than those without one.

But to really get the most value out of your ESG strategy, it’s essential that you communicate its benefits effectively with all your stakeholders.

That’s where Communique comes in.

As ESG communication specialists, we can help you utilise your ESG credentials to gain and retain the talent you need, attract lifelong customers, and increase your investment opportunities.


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