Are your Employees happy? do you have the right ESG policies to keep them engaged?

Are your Employees happy? do you have the right ESG policies to keep them engaged?

No company can check off every item on the list below but it might be helpful to check off what your company does do now. This way you will be aware of what needs to be done, plan your progress then track it. By checking off this list and asking yourself the below questions you will get a sense of how to attract the right employees during the ESG journey.

  1. Are you determining if your company pays above-market, at market or below market, at – market or below market rates
  2. Are you calculating the multiple by which the company’s highest paid employee compares to its lowest paid full time worked? Set a timeline to narrow the gap that is appropriate to your industry
  3. Are you calculating the internal hire rate open positions? If you must hire outside too often are you training properly and allowing people to grow in their jobs?
  4. Are you providing employees with training to reduce social and environmental harm?
  5. Are you dedicating even if part time, staff to monitor the company’s social and environmental performance?
  6. Are you including as many employees as possible in the company’s bonus plan to secure broad based support for company goals?
  7. Are you making health insurance available at cost to employees’’ families and domestic partners? Diversity and gender balance at all levels of the workforce are strong virtues in the workforce
  8. Are you providing generous vacation pay; one week after six months employment; two weeks after one year; three and four weeks as soon as possible?
  9. Are you providing sick leave and personal days including bereavement leave and days to care for sick children?
  10. Are you allowing part time and flexitime and telecommuting opportunities as appropriate?
  11. Are you installing showers so employees can exercise at lunch or bike to work?
  12. Are you establishing a relationship with a good childcare centre close to work?
  13. are you sharing information with stakeholders on reducing social and environmental harm?

These points clearly illustrate how can companies attract and retain the right customers by smartly implementing ESG policies.

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