Are your customers on board with your ESG Journey?

Are your customers on board with your ESG Journey?

No company can check off every item on the list below but it might be helpful to check off what your company does do now, this way you will be aware of what needs to be done, plan your progress then track it. By checking off this list and asking yourself the below questions you will get a sense if your customers understand your Sustainability & ESG journey

  1. Do we have long-lasting products whose parts can be repaired?
  2. Are our products and services have identifiable benefit to our customer?
  3. Are we making things that benefit health or healthy activities (e.g., organic foods, mountain bikes, etc.)?
  4. Do our products and services benefit artistic or scientific activity e.g., pianos or astrolabes?
  5. Are we avoiding unnecessary product proliferation (including excessive options, whether of colours or accessories for popular products?)
  6. Do we have production or manufacturing processes screened by a third party (e.g., forest stewardship council (FSC), Bluesign Technologies) to reduce environmental harm?
  7. Are we being progressively transparent about the social and environmental impact of what you make? Is anyone in your industry working on a manufacturer- or brand-facing index? Participate.
  8. Are we guaranteeing our product unconditionally?
  9. Are we serving the underserved? Donate what we no longer need to those who do?

The above list is not comprehensive as many organisations have needs particular to their business model and corporate culture. I have selected the most generic questions and they are a combination of B.Corp Impact Assessment questions and others including Patagonia’s book “The responsible company”

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